Garbage in, Garbage Out – How We Got Here and Why We Must Get Out Now

White Papers > Analytics > Garbage in, Garbage Out – How We Got Here and Why We Must Get Out Now

This whitepaper from our friends over at Profisee, reflects on why the state of data in most  organizations is as dismal as it is, and why there is such a challenge involved in demonstrating the value of trusted data available across mission-critical operations and analytics in an enterprise.

Organizations across industries continue to deal with a broad-based inability to commoditize  siloed business processes in favor of a digital business transformation - one that requires a  common understanding of the organization’s master data. Studies have found that many  businesses have recently become much more cognizant of this, or at least are admitting it for  the first time, in no small part due to the current economic restrictions and their long-term  effects. Analytics capabilities aren’t the only thing affected. In the age of digital  transformation, trusted data is the foundation of both automating current operational  processes and is critical to creating new and innovative ways of doing business.



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