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The Manufacturing industry is in the middle of a transition to what’s being called the fourth
industrial revolution: Industry 4.0. Industry 4.0, or Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), is enabled by smart or connected manufacturing and brings together physical production and operations with digital technologies, machine learning, and big data analytics. It creates a more connected and holistic ecosystem of machines, assets, and processes capable of autonomously exchanging information, identifying anomalies, and triggering actions.

The essential first step for manufacturers is to consider how much data the enterprise has at its disposal. Most manufacturers collect vast troves of process data but typically use it only for tracking purposes, not as a basis for improving operations. The challenge is for these players to invest in the systems and skillsets that will allow them to enhance their use of existing process statistics. This Guide, "insideBIGDATA Guide to Computer Aided Engineering," sponsored by Dell Technologies, will walk through some of the ways to expand the scope of analytics to further increase business value.





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