Whitepaper: Cisco Makes the Moves on Big Data

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Aneel Lakhani writes that there’s been some recent moves by Cisco around big data, particularly with regards to Hadoop running on Cisco’s Nexus switches and UCS servers. Of note is the publication of an excellent paper, Big Data in the Enterprise: Network Design Considerations.

In reviewing multiple data models, this document examines the effects of Apache Hadoop as a building block for big data and its effects on the network. Hadoop is an open source software platform for building reliable, scalable clusters in a scaled-out, “shared-nothing” design model for storing, processing, and analyzing enormous volumes of data at very high performance. The information presented in this document is based on the actual network traffic patterns of the Hadoop framework and can help in the design of a scalable network with the right balance of technologies that actually contribute to the application’s network performance. Understanding the application’s traffic patterns fosters collaboration between the application and network design teams, allowing advancements in technologies that enhance application performance.

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