Panel: Marrying Big Data and Cloud

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In this video, Jeff Kaplan from ThinkStrategies leads a panel discuss on Big Data. Recorded at the All About the Cloud summit 2012 in Mountain View, California.


Data, data, data! Data is everywhere yet very few companies are using that data to gain edge on their competitors. We are no longer referring only to internal data but in our increasingly social world we have many additional data pools to leverage. The combination of internal data with these external data pools provides companies have an opportunity to engage customers, partners, and employees more efficiently. More and more companies are leveraging data-driven strategies to compete and innovate. This session will explore the opportunities available with Big Data stacks. How are companies implementing these Big Data stacks? What are the barriers to becoming a more data-driven company and how do you overcome those hurdles?



  • Chris Baker, Senior Vice President, Global ISV/OEM Sales, Oracle Corporation
  • Anjul Bhambhri, Vice President, Big Data, IBM Corporation
  • Shailesh Rao, Director, New Products & Solutions, Google Enterprise

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