GridIron and Zettaset Speed Up Hadoop Installations

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Today GridIron Systems announced that it is collaborating with Big Data software innovator, Zettaset, to develop a reference architecture for virtual Hadoop clusters utilizing Flash to improve the efficiency of inter-node communications. According to the company, the reference architecture provides Hadoop users with an efficient, pre-configured alternative to building and configuring racks of servers, storage, and software for large-scale deployments.

Hadoop is the great enabler for complex analytics that require the aggregation of huge amounts of data from many sources,” said Jim Vogt, CEO at Zettaset. “However, as Hadoop clusters continue to grow, they can suffer from performance degradation. Zettaset has worked closely with GridIron to build a powerful infrastructure platform that combines high density and high performance in a single powerful package. Users can now concentrate on building business value from their data and not worry about the underlying platform.”

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