Zettaset Fast-PATH Delivers Unprecedented Control of Hadoop Environment

Zettaset, a leader in Big Data security, has announced Fast-PATH, an advanced software configuration management solution that automates and accelerates Hadoop deployment, now enables Hadoop users to quickly and easily upgrade or convert Hadoop distributions in production clusters without any disruption of existing data, and without the need for specialized IT resources.

Zettaset Awarded Patent in High Availability Big Data

Zettaset announced today that the company has been awarded their first patent for “split brain resistant fail-over in high availability Hadoop clusters;” patent number 8,595,546; issued on November 26, 2013. Zettaset’s newly patented technology provides a future-proof approach to high-availability and ensures that automatic failover is applied to all services running in a Hadoop cluster, as well as any new Hadoop services that may be introduced in the future.

Zettaset and Actian Partner for Enterprise-Class Big Data

The combination of the Actian ParAccel Big Data Analytics Platform and Zettaset Orchestrator is designed to help enterprises manage the extreme speed and scale of Big Data mining and analysis, while preserving platform security and availability.

Interview: Jim Vogt from Zettaset on Enterprise Security for Hadoop

When Hadoop was originally conceived, it was all about sharing and as a result, security was not built in. But in today’s enterprise, Big Data represents the company’s jewels–assets that must be protected. To learn more about these issues, I caught up Jim Vogt, CEO of Zettaset. inside Big Data: What are the main security […]

Big Data Security – Not There Yet

When it comes to security, Big Data is a two-edged sword. On one hand it can be used to analyze mountains of data in order to foil intruders, head off attacks and neutralize a wide variety of other threats. But the network architecture required to support Big Data analytics is itself vulnerable to attack. Writing […]

Slidecast: Examining Hadoop as a Big Data Risk in the Enterprise

In this slidecast, Brian Christian from Zettaset presents: Examining Hadoop as a Big Data Risk in the Enterprise. While the open source framework has enabled Hadoop to logically grow and expand, business and government enterprise organizations face deployment and management challenges with Hadoop. Hadoop’s core specifications are still being developed by the Apache community, and […]

Mellanox 40 Gigabit Ethernet Wins Gold for Big Data at 2012 Stevie Awards

This week Mellanox announced that the PHAT-DATA40Ghigh performance Hadoop appliance Gold for Best New Hardware Product at the Stevie International Business Awards. PHAT-DATA40G is a joint solution by Mellanox, AMAX, STEC and Zettaset that delivers best-in-class performance and ease-of-use for Big Data users, delivering at least 40 percent performance enhancement, which is well above existing […]

GridIron and Zettaset Speed Up Hadoop Installations

Today GridIron Systems announced that it is collaborating with Big Data software innovator, Zettaset, to develop a reference architecture for virtual Hadoop clusters utilizing Flash to improve the efficiency of inter-node communications. According to the company, the reference architecture provides Hadoop users with an efficient, pre-configured alternative to building and configuring racks of servers, storage, […]

Slidecast: Productizing Hadoop – Creating Enterprise Value, Not Dependency

In this slidecast, Brian Christian from Zettaset describes how the company has productized Hadoop for ease of use, HPC speed, and enterprise security. Our mission is to analyze more data, more quickly, and in a smaller footprint,” says Jim Vogt, CEO of Zettaset, Inc. “Working with Hyve Solutions and IBM, we’ve simplified big data for […]