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AI from a Psychologist’s Point of View

Researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics in Tübingen have examined the general intelligence of the language model GPT-3, a powerful AI tool. Using psychological tests, they studied competencies such as causal reasoning and deliberation, and compared the results with the abilities of humans. Their findings, in the paper “Using cognitive psychology to understand GPT-3” paint a heterogeneous picture: while GPT-3 can keep up with humans in some areas, it falls behind in others, probably due to a lack of interaction with the real world.

Consumers Don’t Have To Leave Your CFI to Bank in a Better One

In this contributed article, Uday Akkaraju, CEO of BOND.AI, discusses how AI can help CFIs (community-based financial institutions) meet the needs of their consumers. In 2020 and 2021, 98% of community banks offered mobile banking, yet new account openings dropped as much as 51% to 25% for community banks and credit unions. Instead of competing head on with the big banks on product offerings, CFIs should strive to understand their unique community needs.

Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Data is in the Dark Ages: It’s Time to Bring it into the Future

In this contributed article, Nico Ros, Co-founder and CTO of SkyCell, discusses how the industry is crying out for better logistical solutions and needs for better remote monitoring. Disparate data solutions are just not up to the mark anymore – but there is an answer to this problem. Combining simulation data and operational data (SO data) can bridge this visibility gap.

Analyzing the Massive Impact the Right Language Can have on Marketing Campaigns

Persado, the Motivation Artificial Intelligence (AI) company that generates personalized communications at scale, released its 2023 Customer Motivation Report, highlighting the impact of specific narratives on marketing campaign performance.

How AI/ML is Revolutionizing the Ad Business for TV, CTV, and Digital Outlets

In this special guest feature, Alex Persky-Stern, CEO of Waymark, discusses how AI is opening a path to offset a number of challenges faced by media companies – especially in the local advertiser market. Bracing for the worst makes sense. Media companies face high inflation, slow ad revenue growth, and a tough economic outlook. At the same time, many are scrambling to keep up as they manage the decline of linear viewership and mass consumer adoption of streaming services.

Tredence Launches ATOM.AI, an Integrated Accelerator Ecosystem for Retailers and CPGs at NRF 2023

Tredence, the Data Science and AI Solutions company, announced the launch of ATOM.AI, an intelligently engineered platform that leverages AI to accelerate data and analytics modernization. Tredence announced the launch of ATOM.AI for retailers and consumer goods companies at NRF, the leading retail industry show hosted by the National Retail Federation.

What Is Federated Learning in Health Care? And How Should Health IT Teams Prepare?

In this contributed article, Ittai Dayan, co-founder and CEO of Rhino Health, believes that while traditional machine learning has huge potential for medical researchers, its major shortcoming is the vast amount of centralized data collection that’s required, and the privacy issues this creates. Federated learning has been suggested as a potential solution to this problem. This is a novel ML technique that is able to access data held across numerous decentralized servers (such as data held by individual hospitals), with the data never leaving these servers and remaining completely anonymous.

How Will Artificial Intelligence Impact Investing in 2023 and Beyond

In this contributed article, IT and digital marketing specialist Natasha Lane points out that artificial intelligence has already permeated our everyday lives. We see it everywhere, even when we’re not aware of it. From the algorithm that drives our online searches to the app we use on our phones, AI is all around us. What has it done for the world of investing, and what can we expect in 2023 and beyond?

How AI Can be Used to Help People See

From reducing the reliance on trial and error to providing ultra-precise drug effectiveness data, AI has a major role to play in making clinical trials more efficient and robust. In this contributed article, ophthalmologist and biopharma CEO Dr George Magrath explains how AI is being harnessed in the development of eye care medicines.

5 Benefits Of Machine Learning For Manufacturers

In this special guest feature, Eric Whitley, Director of Smart Manufacturing at L2L, believes that machine learning is so powerful precisely because it grows machine knowledge in a continuous feedback loop and becomes exponentially smarter. But what can it do for your business? This article will provide insights into the five benefits of machine learning for manufacturers.