Zettaset Fast-PATH Delivers Unprecedented Control of Hadoop Environment

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zettaset-logoZettaset, a leader in Big Data security, has announced Fast-PATH, an advanced software configuration management solution that automates and accelerates Hadoop deployment, now enables Hadoop users to quickly and easily upgrade or convert Hadoop distributions in production clusters without any disruption of existing data, and without the need for specialized IT resources.

Fast-PATH can perform the following cluster migration functions automatically, and without requiring removal or archiving of any data that resides within the cluster:

  • Upgrade the same distribution on a cluster to a newer version of any Hadoop distribution, regardless of vendor.
  • Apply automatic conversion from distribution X to distribution Y using any combination of Hadoop distributions, including open source Apache.

Zettaset Fast-PATH streamlines Hadoop deployment for the enterprise with software automation that eliminates many manual configuration processes, thereby reducing ongoing support requirements. Fast-PATH automates multiple Hadoop functions, including provisioning, installation, configuration, and testing of the software.  As a result, cluster deployment can be achieved more rapidly with much less IT intervention, and on-going operational costs associated with Hadoop support and maintenance “subscriptions” can be significantly reduced or eliminated.

This is a major step in democratizing Hadoop by making it more open, accessible, and easier to use. We have taken our Fast-PATH software automation for Big Data to the next level, and are providing customers with a powerful tool that empowers them with complete control of their Hadoop software and hardware infrastructure”, said CEO Jim Vogt of Zettaset. “For many Hadoop users this is a game-changer, because it eliminates the vendor lock that some distribution providers have placed on the Hadoop ecosystem.  . As enterprises move Hadoop from pilot to production, Zettaset Fast-PATH, will provide them with broader set of Hadoop deployment options than ever before.”

In recent benchmark testing, Zettaset Fast-PATH:

Fully installed a 50-node Hadoop cluster in 140 minutes (2 hours and 20 minutes), which included installation of the Hadoop distribution, and Kerberos, HBase, Hive, Encryption, Key Management, and Zettaset’s patented High-Availability framework on all nodes.

Zettaset brings a level of operational simplicity, consistency, and security that is necessary for mission critical deployments of Hadoop,” said Nik Rouda, senior analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. The big data ecosystem is still maturing, but this kind of innovation will accelerate broader acceptance by IT operations teams.”

For more information on Zettaset Orchestrator and the new Fast-PATH installer, please visit www.zettaset.com.


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