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AI Used as the First Step in Automating IT

In this special guest feature, Huw Rees, Business Development at KodaCloud, discusses how applying AI to Wi-Fi is the first logical step to automating IT and indeed is the only way to realize the concept of optimization of Quality of Experience for every device connected to every access point in real time.

Choosing the Right Data Catalog for Your Business

The decision to invest in and launch a data catalog is a big one for today’s businesses, but one that more and more companies are making in light of the continued growth and expansion of big data. In fact, the self-service data analytic journey often first begins with a data catalog. Unifi Software explores how to choose whether a data catalog is right for your business and key considerations when deciding on a solution.

How AI Drives Customer Experience

In this contributed article, blogger and CMO Donna Moores outlines several ways in which AI drives customer experience. Customer experience can now obtain a whole new level of sophistication, where users receive what they desire at a glance, without the need to experience stressful searches, conversations, or make complaints that seem to never be understood, while businesses, on the other hand, can finally make use of the endless quantity of customer information available.

Medical Device Security: Ensuring Data Integrity

In this contributed article, technology writer and blogger Kayla Matthews suggests that one of the best ways to make healthcare smarter, more accurate and more engaging is by gathering data on a huge scale and then using it to gather insights into individual patient conditions as well as the effectiveness of treatments over a much broader scale.

Big Data is Kind of a Big Deal: Analyze it to Make Better Business Decisions

In this contributed article, Aleksei Antonov, Co-Founder of SONM, discusses big data and its application to business strategy, especially within the fluctuating crypto markets. Big data comes with massive potential. It has the ability to increase profits in young crypto startups aiming to make wise investments, and can provide companies with the trend and pattern knowledge needed to achieve large collections of token holders and platform users.

Best of for AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning – October 2018

In this recurring monthly feature, we will filter all the recent research papers appearing in the preprint server for subjects relating to AI, machine learning and deep learning – from disciplines including statistics, mathematics and computer science – and provide you with a useful “best of” list for the month.

GDPR Challenge: Finding the Data That Needs to be Forgotten

In this special guest feature, Amnon Drori, Co-founder and CEO of Octopai, discusses how for many organizations, GDPR may be the biggest data challenge they have ever faced – but it also provides organizations with an opportunity to truly own their data. By implementing a smart system that will ensure that they are able to find the data in their systems at will, organizations will ensure that they are GDPR-compliant – and have the opportunity to utilize all their data to help their organizations run more efficiently and profitably.

DarwinAI Announces Explainability Platform for Neural Network Performance

DarwinAI, a Waterloo, Canada startup creating next-generation technologies for Artificial Intelligence development, today announced the next milestone in its product roadmap with the release of its explainability toolkit for network performance diagnostics. The introduction of explainability comes two months after the company announced its emergence from stealth, its Generative Synthesis platform, and $3 million in seed funding.

Use Case Highlights Potential Value & Benefits of Data Cataloging

The value and benefits of a data catalog are often described as the ability for analysts to find the data they need quickly and efficiently. Data cataloging accelerates analysis by minimizing the time and effort that analysts spend finding and preparing data. A new report from Unifi Software offers a fresh perspective on data cataloging and offers an analysis use case that illustrates ROI for implementing a data catalog.

insideBIGDATA Guide to Data Platforms for Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning

With AI and DL, storage is cornerstone to handling the deluge of data constantly generated in today’s hyperconnected world. It is a vehicle that captures and shares data to create business value. In this technology guide, insideBIGDATA Guide to Data Platforms for Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning, we’ll see how current implementations for AI and DL applications can be deployed using new storage architectures and protocols specifically designed to deliver data with high-throughput, low-latency and maximum concurrency.