Joint Computing Institute to Tackle Big Data in the Northwest

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This week PNNL announced that the lab is launching the new Northwest Institute for Advanced Computing in cooperation with the University of Washington. Researchers associated with the institute will work to ensure the next generation of computers and the methods used to run them can address challenges ranging from climate change to energy management.

Computing has transformed science, engineering and society in remarkable ways,” said Doug Ray, associate director of PNNL’s Fundamental & Computational Sciences Directorate. “But as huge amounts of new data are generated daily by scientific instruments and household electronics, new technologies and approaches are needed to give that information more meaning. Researchers at the Northwest Institute for Advanced Computing will tackle ‘big data’ and help improve the quality of life for many U.S. citizens.”

Located on UW’s campus, the institute will be a center of collaboration where UW and PNNL researchers jointly explore advanced computer system designs, accelerate data-driven scientific discovery and improve computational modeling and simulation. Scientists and engineers at the institute will also train future researchers in modern computational approaches. Read the Full Story.

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