Learning to Define – Software Defined Storage

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Let’s start the conversation here: If you work with big data in the cloud or deal with structured and unstructured data for analytics, you need software defined storage.

Software defined storage uses standard compute, network, and storage hardware; the storage functions are all done in software, such as IBM GPFS, that provides automated, policy driven, application aware storage services, through orchestration of the underlining storage infrastructure in support of an overall software defined environment. This eBook from IBM examines data storage and management challenges and explains software defined storage, an innovative solution for high-performance, cost-effective storage using IBM’s GPFS.

software defined storage for dummiesDigital data — both structured and unstructured — is everywhere and continues to grow at a stunning pace. Every day, approximately 15 petabytes of new information is generated worldwide, and the total amount of digital data doubles approximately every two years. At the same time, storage budgets are increasing only one to five percent annually, thus the gap between data growth and storage spending is widening. The data growth explosion, as well as the nature and increasing uses of data, are creating tremendous data storage challenges for enterprises and IT departments everywhere. Simply put, storage needs to be less expensive in order to keep up with demand.

In this eBook covering software-defined technologies, we learn about:

  • Storage 101 and how data is accessed in the modern cluster
  • What is software-defined storage and understanding the benefits
  • Digging deeper into the IBM GPFS environment and managing full data life cycles
  • Understanding the IBM GPFS storage server as a complete end-to-end solution
  • Placing software-defined storage in the real-world like energy, higher ed, life sciences, and more
  • Top ten ways to use software-define storage

Don’t forget – cloud computing plays a big role around software defined storage as well. Software defined storage systems running GPFS are well suited to address cloud storage requirements given their extreme scalability, reliability and cost efficiency. Software defined storage systems can scale to thousands of servers while supporting hundreds of GB/sec of sequential throughput and can be configured using lower-cost standard parts without the need for costly enterprise-class storage solutions, such as storage area networks (SANs).

Download Software Defined Storage For Dummies – IBM Platform Computing Edition – as it examines data storage and management challenges and explains software defined storage. The modern computing platform is evolving and in using IBM’s GPFS technology, you utilize an innovative solution for high-performance computing, while creating a cost-effective storage solution.

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