Acquia Delivers on the Promise of the Experience Web With ContextDB

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acquia_newlogoAcquia, the digital experience company, today introduced Acquia Lift ContextDB, the latest addition to its suite of Digital Engagement Services for the optimization of digital experiences. ContextDB is a petabyte-scale data warehouse solution that finally delivers on the long-sought ideal of automating data-driven, context-aware customer experiences.

The announcement was made today at the company’s inaugural Acquia Engage customer conference by Acquia Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder Dries Buytaert.

We’ve been working for two years to fill a long standing gap in the puzzle of delivering truly personalized experiences,” Buytaert said. “ContextDB is a petabyte-scale, contextual database in the cloud that makes it simple and cost-effective to analyze data from on- and off-line sources using a customer’s existing business intelligence tools. ContextDB lets brands think ahead to the next wave of the Experience Web, empowering brands to anticipate their audience’s needs and respect their time and attention. Big data becomes smart data.”

ContextDB collects and consolidates customer intelligence and behavior at massive scale across channels and existing data repositories. Delivering on the promise of Big Data, ContextDB assembles from multiple customer data sources — from CRM to offline customer databases — a comprehensive view of the customer that transforms them from anonymous visitors to known, individual customers. Using ContextDB, brands build a richer, progressively more intelligent profile to power the real-time delivery of contextual experiences.

A global pharmaceutical giant is using ContextDB to gain deeper insight about the healthcare professionals who come to its sites. The company can confidently communicate with its audience based on real-time behavior and historical interactions, in many cases triggering relevant e-mail offers and information based on the specific context of each individual’s situation.

ContextDB marries perfectly with an organization’s existing business intelligence and analytic tools, helping brands target, test, and provide relevant content recommendations and offers to site visitors. ContextDB joins other core components of Acquia’s Digital Engagement Services — Target and Recommend — to allow brands to segment users in real-time with greater precision. ContextDB elevates Acquia’s Digital Experience Solutions and Digital Experience Cloud to a level where digital brands can confidently power the automated intelligent delivery of digital content driven by real-time insights.

Among its many features, Acquia Lift ContextDB:

  • Automatically ties an anonymous profile to a named user profile once a customer logs in or makes a purchase.
  • Connects with other Acquia Digital Engagement Services to target and segment user profiles in real-time with greater precision and deliver relevant content recommendations.
  • Unifies customer profile data from a variety of channels including web, email marketing platforms, marketing automation tools, social platforms, call center transactions, and offline data sources such as in-store purchases.
  • Can automatically execute actions. For example, a visitor’s declining engagement score on the website along with knowledge of their interests and content preferences can trigger a personalized e-mail to re-engage with that customer.

ContextDB lets brands think ahead to the next wave of the Experience Web. In today’s world, the most important customer touchpoints happen on a screen. With ContextDB, those touchpoints are the basis for forging relationships and building trust and customer loyalty,” Buytaert said.


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