Video: Introducing Panasas ActiveStor 14

In this video from the HPC Advisory Council Switzerland Conference, Derek Burke from Panasas presents: Introducing Panasas ActiveStor 14. Download the Slides (PDF).

Video: High Performance NAS for Hadoop

In this video, Dr. Brent Welch from Panasas presents: High Performance NAS for Hadoop. The presentation was recorded at the HPC Advisory Council Stanford Conference 2013. Download the slides (PDF).

Henry Newman on File System Interface Futures

Over at Enterprise Storage Forum, Henry Newman looks at the future of file systems and examines whether REST will overtake POSIX as an interface of choice for all applications. We do not have a lot of POSIX file systems that scale today to 10s of PB and billions of files. There are three file systems […]

Panasas Showcases Hybrid ActiveStor 14 at SC12

In this video from SC12, Geoffrey Noer from Panasas describes the hybrid storage capabilities of the new ActiveStor 14 system. The world’s fastest parallel storage system just got faster with Panasas ActiveStor 14. By accelerating small file and metadata performance with Solid State Drive (SSD) technology, ActiveStor 14 delivers extreme performance, for the technical computing […]

Panasas Chief Scientist on Where HPC Meets Big Data and Hadoop

In this video, Panasas Chief Scientist Garth Gibson describes how the company brings Hadoop support to bear in the world of Big Data and HPC. Hadoop is a great platform for taking a gigantic amount of information and reducing it down to the central core that you then want to do the second level of […]

Bringing Hadoop to HPC – Panasas Partners with Hortonworks

Today Panasas announced a joint agreement with Hortonworks to accelerate adoption of Hadoop in the High Performance Technical Computing markets. As a leading commercial vendor promoting the innovation, development, and support of Apache Hadoop, Hortonworks has a mission to make the technology more robust and easier to install, manage, and use. The rapid adoption of […]

Panasas Goes with Hybrid Storage for ActiveStor 14

This week Panasas introduced ActiveStor 14, an SSD-Accelerated Scale-out NAS appliance optimized for extreme bandwidth and small file performance for Big Data workloads. According to the company, the new platform will satisfy the bandwidth requirements of the most demanding high-performance storage applications while opening new opportunities for Panasas parallel storage technology in industries with I/O […]

Video: Panasas Storage Products for HPC

In this video, Chris Weeden from Panasas presents an overview of the company’s Big Data storage products for HPC. Recorded at the HPC Advisory Council Spain Workshop 2012 in Malaga.

Video: How Panasas Parallel Storage Tames the Big Data Beast

In this video, Geoffrey Noer from Panasas discusses how the company’s parallel storage solutions helps custtomers tame the Big Data Beast. Recorded at ISC’12 in Hamburg. The use of big data to create business value has been around for over a decade in advanced research laboratories and advanced engineering research centers within large corporations. Traditionally […]

Video: For ISC'12, The Big Data Beast is the Gorilla in the Room

In this video, insideHPC interviews a special guest fake celebrity at the Panasas booth at ISC’12 in Hamburg.