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cloud native data warehouse

Snowflake created the first cloud native data warehouse,delivered as a true service. The Snowflake Elastic Data Warehouse understands business data from both traditional and newer machine-generated sources, so all of an enterprise’s users can work with all the data and all workloads.

Organizations are increasingly dependent on different types of data to make successful business decisions. But as the volume, rate, and types of data expand and become less predictable, conventional data warehouses cannot consume all this data effectively. Big data solutions like Hadoop increase the complexity of the environment and generally lack the performance of traditional data warehouses. This makes it difficult, expensive, and time-consuming to manage all the systems and the data.

Snowflake began from the ground up to build a completely new cloud native data warehouse, starting with a clear vision: a data warehouse should bring together all an enterprise’s data and make it available, easily, to all the users and systems that need to analyze it.

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