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Innovative drug development organizations are leveraging scientific and technical advances to data capture data that is increasingly multidimensional and information rich:
1. Assay platforms for molecular profiling and imaging have evolved substantially over the last two decades.
2. Diversity and complexity of public and private partnerships has increased significantly.
3. Translational efforts are driving the need to integrate clinical development and research data.
4. The advent of large molecule drugs is challenging informatics systems with new assays and workflows.

However, existing data capture and sharing processes are often unable to support efficient integration and interpretation of this data. Put simply, the challenge is for informatics systems to catch up to today’s ever-increasing scientific and business needs.

The landscape of available technologies has increased and improved dramatically over the last several years. New database architectures such as columnar and NoSQL databases and new search technologies like Elasticsearch offer far greater performance and flexibility than traditional relational database management systems. At the same time, cloud capabilities and SaaS solutions promise lower costs and increased scale.

To learn more about available technologies available for data capture and relation science strategy download this white paper.

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