Optimizing Machine Learning with Tensorflow, ActivePython and Intel

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optimizing machine learning

Business leaders are looking for new methods to leverage data in more meaningful ways, and sometimes this takes optimizing machine learning first. Through the use of machine learning, unique insights become valuable decision points. As developers consider the varied approaches to leverage machine learning, the role of tools comes to the forefront.

The goal is to increase the approachability of machine learning. This includes defining the roll of tools when building machine learning into applications, as well as figuring out where workflows, APIs and algorithms fit in. There are other factors to consider, as well, such as DevOps, organization and process.

This Gigaom Research webinar takes a look at the opportunities and challenges that machine learning brings to the development process.

On this webinar, you will hear from speakers Jeff Rouse, Director of Product Management at  ActiveState; and Tim Crawford, Head of Research and CIO at Gigaom.

This resource will explore topics ranging from opportunities and challenges for machine learning, to the role of open source in today's market. Find out how to optimize machine learning for your business.



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