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IBM has taken on this challenge with a new software defined storage solution. IBM Spectrum Scale was formerly IBM General Parallel File System (IBM GPFSTM), also formerly known as code name IBM Elastic StorageTM.

A high-performance enterprise platform for optimizing data and file management, Spectrum Scale is used extensively across industries worldwide.This simplifies data management with integrated tools designed to help organizations manage petabytes of data and billions of files—as well as control the cost of managing these ever-growing data volumes.

Long considered a pioneer in big data storage, IBM leads the industry in advanced storage technologies that enable companies to store large quantities of file data.1 The latest version of Spectrum Scale continues this tradition and marks a significant milestone in the evolution of big data management. Part of the IBM family, Spectrum Scale 4.1 introduces revolutionary new features that clearly demonstrate the
IBM commitment to providing groundbreaking storage solutions.

This paper outlines the features available today in Spectrum Scale that organizations can use to manage file data. This functionality includes core concepts such as striped data storage, cluster configuration options such as direct storage access and network-based block I/O, storage automation technologies such as information lifecycle management (ILM) tools, and more.

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