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The Editor's Desk

Inside HPC Media’s entry into the Big Data arena in 2011 with the launch of insideBIGDATA was a natural progression from its High Performance Computing (HPC) origins. Big computing and big storage are in large responsible for making today’s big data a reality – never before has it been possible to process the volume of information we routinely see today. The field has been moving forward at light speed and as a result, big data is in full-fledged hype-mode, and the hype has produced confusion in the marketplace – what is big data, how are companies using it, and how can you benefit from it? We wish to tame the hype for you. Yes there are a number of news sources for big data, but we have a different vision for insideBIGDATA – to work hard for you, our readers, and provide a one-stop destination for all that is big data.

On September 17, 2013 I accepted the new Managing Editor role here at insideBIGDATA. I couldn’t be more excited to help pave the way toward greater understanding of this fast-pace industry. Our mission is to deliver quality content for the three most important segments influencing big data adoption: IT, Business and Data Scientist. You’ve likely heard of the 3 V’s of big data (volume, velocity and variety). Our journalistic mission goes a step further to cultivate the three W’s of reporting on big data: why organizations embrace big data, what businesses are using big data to achieve, and who has found success in adopting big data.

As a data scientist, I bring a unique perspective while wearing the big data journalist hat and I promise to deliver on this insider’s point of view by reporting how organizations are utilizing big data technology with use case examples across a wide swath of industries. I’ll also convey useful “how to” tips which will be more of a technical nature explaining how you can approach big data deployments. I also have a distinct perspective on big data education after being involved in the MOOC revolution early on and from teaching data science through UCLA Extension. I’m planning content for those looking to retool themselves and for companies wishing to provide educational opportunities for their staff. We’ll also include interesting articles, through my “From the Editor’s Desk” column, on the culture of big data and how it affects everyday people.  Since I’m down in the trenches with data science and machine learning on a day-to-day basis, I’ll impart to you my own personal account of this burgeoning field.

insideBIGDATA also plans to cover big data industry events closely in order to give you insight into the “velocity” of the field. Our new events calendar will become your primary resource for knowing what’s happening in this exciting industry.

We also plan to have regular broadcasts from Radio Free Big Data, a new information source you’ll come to depend on for late breaking insight into the big data vendor ecosystem with probing interviews with industry leaders.

Lastly and most importantly, we want to establish an earnest dialog with our readers. We want to hear from you to learn what’s on your mind along with your questions, concerns, comments, whatever having to do with big data. We’re here to serve you and my personal goal is to help make insideBIGDATA the leading online destination for organizations interested in learning more about the strategies, products, and companies that will help them turn big data into a strategic competitive advantage.

And as a special note to big data vendors and thought leaders, please consider submitting big data related articles to our Industry Perspectives section that enables you to share your insight and expertise with our audience.

This should be a wild ride and I’m eager to hear from all of you along the way!

Daniel, Managing Editor insideBIGDATA


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