Big Data Success – Substance Behind the Hype

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big_data_adoptionAll the important indicators point to greater Big Data spending by businesses, but the question remains: what steps are you taking to get the most out of your investment? To insure a reasonable ROI, experts say businesses shouldn’t just invest on Big Data technologies, but on Big Data staffing as well. The latter is getting harder and harder due to the rising demand for data scientists.

Gartner, an information technology research and advisory firm, recently released its report, Survey Analysis: Big Data Adoption in 2013 Shows Substance Behind the Hype, which revealed that organizations are increasingly investing in Big Data and will continue to do so over the next couple of years.

According to the study, 64 percent of enterprises have invested or plan to invest in Big Data in 2013 — 30 percent have already invested in Big Data technology, 19 percent plan to invest within the next year, and an additional 15 percent plan to invest within two years.

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