DS3 – A REST/S3 Interface for Deep Storage

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In this video, Molly Rector and David Trachy from Spectra Logic describe the new DS3 RESTful interface to Deep Storage.

Designed by Spectra Logic, DS3 is the first native REST-based interface to deep storage which enables the easy archival of large amounts of bulk data. It is a data transport and communication interface that allows software clients to direct and manage “bulk” storage read or write operations to and from deep storage. DS3 utilizes the standard S3 command set plus additional commands specifically designed to optimize the transport of data objects to and from tape. These additional commands enable modern architecture frameworks to easily and efficiently communicate with massively scalable deep storage technologies. The DS3 interface utilizes the traditional REST client/server architecture and high-level PUT and GET commands to move objects to and from deep storage. The interface is media agnostic such that over long data retention periods data can be migrated from older storage types to newer ones transparently.”

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