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Non-profit Safety Regulator uses Machine Learning to Improve Public Safety

In this machine learning use case, we take a look at Technical Safety BC, an independent, self-funded organization that oversees the safe installation and operation of technical systems and equipment across the province of British Columbia in Canada. The not-for-profit organization recently partnered with data science software maker Dataiku to introduce more sophisticated machine autonomy to their hazard identification process. The partnership enables Technical Safety BC to build machine learning and advanced analytics-based solutions faster and more accurately, allowing the company to better target areas of high risk.

7 Key Members of Every Big Data Team

In this contributed article, freelance technology journalist Josh McAllister provides an overview of the seven main staff members you’ll need to put together for a successful and highly efficient Big Data team. When putting together a Big Data team, it’s important that you create an operational structure allowing all members to take advantage of each other’s work. Your company will also need to have the technological infrastructure needed to support its Big Data. This can be done by investing in the right technologies for your business type, size and industry.

Amazon Go – Deep Learning Conquers Retail

“At the Amazon Go store, the checkout process is completely automated. Every time you take a product from a shelf, one of hundreds of small cameras located in the ceiling recognizes the item and places it in your virtual shopping cart. If you change your mind, no problem, you’re still being watched and the system will remove it from your cart once you put it back on the shelf. The deep learning technology is able to recognize every item in the store without any special tags like RFID chips.”

Predictive Analytics Solve Retail’s Trickiest Problem: Customer Intent

In this special guest feature, Rachel Wolan, Vice President of Product at Euclid discusses what predictive analytics is really about: helping retailers forecast intent. If we can make smart, data-backed predictions on what customers are likely to do, and when, retail marketers can then deliver a true curated shopping experience.

Interview: John Purrier, CTO at CA Automic

I recently caught up with John Purrier, CTO at CA Automic, to discuss the affect artificial intelligence (AI) will have this year on business processes. John is Chief Technology Officer at CA Automic, a leader in business automation software (acquired by CA Technologies) where he is responsible for driving Automic’s automation strategy.

insideBIGDATA Special Report: Reinventing the Retail Industry through Machine and Deep Learning

The insideBIGDATA Special Report: Reinventing the Retail Industry through Machine and Deep Learning white paper explores how AI, machine learning and deep learning are transforming the retail industry in many positive directions including: inventory and supply chain management, analysis of customer buying patterns, analyzing traffic patterns, providing assortment planning, performing retail analytics at scale.
Fighting cyberfraud

How Data Scientists Are Wasting Their Time

In this contributed article, Abhi Yadav, Co-founder & CEO at ZyloTech points that while data scientists are flawed and there are lots of ways in which they could improve, so too are machines. It would seem that the best way forward is to work side-by-side, fleshy-arm-in-robotic-arm with the new race of machines and robots that will undoubtedly make our lives easier.

Slidecast: Striim – Streaming Integration with Intelligence

Coming to you from our popular “Rich Report Podcast” channel, we offer a new slidecast with Steve Wilkes, Co-founder and CTO at Striim presenting: Striim – Streaming Integration with Intelligence. Striim recently announced the launch of version 3.8 of the Striim platform, with 47 new and enhanced capabilities.

How to Become a Big Data Analyst

Because of the inherent importance of data analysis in many industries, the job of big data analyst is one that should come with great appreciation and consideration of those looking to get into a similar field. In the infographic below from our friends over at MeriTalk, we’ll break down big data analysis as a career and show you why it’s already one of the big jobs to look out for now and in the coming years.

How Big Data Analytics Can Improve Demand-Supply Cycle in Retail?

In this contributed article, James Warner, a business intelligence analyst at, discusses big data uses in the retail industry, specifically about the supply and demand cycle. With big data entering all mainstream industries, analytics is surely going to be different and not limited to projections and predictions. The supply chain in retail is a small example of the vast applicability of big data.