Cloudera Enterprise 5 Announced

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Cloudera, a leader in enterprise analytic data management powered by Apache Hadoop, today unveiled the 5th generation of its Platform for Big Data, Cloudera Enterprise, which is now available as a public beta offering. The new product release, which includes Hadoop 2, offers unique features and advancements that simplify storing, processing, analyzing and managing large structured and unstructured datasets, while offering increased security, robust data management and tight integration with third-party applications. Incorporating the latest open source advancements into its Hadoop distribution, CDH (Cloudera’s Distribution Including Apache Hadoop), with enterprise-grade enhancements to its management platform for Hadoop, Cloudera Manager, Cloudera Enterprise 5 delivers a unified platform for enterprise data management.

Over the last five years, we have worked closely with our enterprises across countless verticals to identify how we can better support their needs. Resoundingly, they have asked for a unified data management platform built on top of Hadoop that streamlines their existing architectures to accelerate time to insight,” said Mike Olson, chairman and chief strategy officer, Cloudera. “The market has spoken and we are listening. The new capabilities introduced in Cloudera Enterprise and CDH5, and our vision for the Enterprise Data Hub, are the manifestation of our overall strategy.

Built for the demanding requirements of enterprise customers, Cloudera Enterprise enables companies to store, process and analyze unlimited amounts of data and applications from a single system. The newest innovations in Cloudera Enterprise 5 offer customers a significant leap forward in the evolution of the platform, which can now be used to efficiently address an even wider range of business problems, enabling customers to use Cloudera to easily consume the rapidly increasing data volume and variety they face, while absorbing a growing share of data and workloads from legacy systems.

Cloudera Enterprise 5 offers a single system from which organizations can tackle diverse critical business problems. Key advancements in the new Cloudera Enterprise 5 release include:

Accelerated Time-to-Value

  • In-Memory HDFS Caching: Datasets from HDFS can now be cached in-memory, boosting MapReduce data processing performance and Cloudera Impala’s analytic query response times for even faster time to insight.
  • User-Defined Functions (UDFs): Customers can now use the custom query functions they depend on in conjunction with Cloudera Impala to deliver the business insights they require. They can also take advantage of the popular open source MADlib library of pre-built statistical and analytic functions to enable scalable in-database analytics.

Improved Efficiency

  • Resource Management: Cloudera Enterprise now delivers advanced resource management for running multiple frameworks for data processing and analysis on a single cluster through the powerful combination of Hadoop YARN (Yet Another Resource Negotiator) and Cloudera Manager. Administrators can now allocate resources not only by workload, but by workgroup, ensuring the best combination of performance and utilization. For example, customers can dedicate 50% of capacity for IT to run mission critical data processing jobs, 30% to the marketing team for ad-hoc BI queries, etc.
  • Unified Management of Third Party Applications. Cloudera Manager now provides extensibility to enable customers to deploy, manage, and monitor products from Cloudera partners such as SAS, Revolution Analytics, Syncsort and many more. Now, customers can manage complex clustered environments from within a single, intuitive interface.

Comprehensive Data Management

  • Manage and Explore Big Data. In addition to enabling centralized data auditing for Hadoop, Cloudera Navigator now provides: Data Discovery: Analysts and data modelers can search, explore, define, and tag datasets through the Cloudera Navigator interface, to help identify relevant information for downstream analysis or processing. Data Lineage: As the amount of data in Cloudera Enterprise grows, so does the importance of understanding how that data is used across the organization. Cloudera Navigator delivers the industry’s first data lineage solution for Hadoop, enabling customers to meet regulatory requirements, find associated datasets, and satisfy data governance and retention policies.
  • Data Protection: HDFS and HBase now support snapshots to help prevent data loss.
  • NFS-based Data and Application Access: Easily integrate Cloudera Enterprise with data in and applications running on existing filesystems with native support for NFSv3.

Public beta releases of Cloudera Enterprise 5 and CDH 5 are now available.  To learn more about CDH5 or download CDH5 for free click HERE.


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