Master’s in Data Science Degrees

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MastersindatascienceAs the demand for data scientists continues to rise, more and more technology minded folks are looking for ways to retool themselves in preparation for entry into this growth field. One resource to consider is: The organization is a project of Degree Prospects, LLC, which was founded in 2008 and is based in Washington, DC. Degree Prospects creates and manages education-focused websites across a range of subject areas and student populations.

I caught up with a representative of the organization, Matthew Gardner, and he offered some insight into their vision as a useful resource for budding data scientists:

We became interested in creating a resource for data science students due to the buzz around the field and the increased need for data science professionals, as well as our finding that there weren’t many online data science resources focused specifically on degree programs. As a result, we wanted to target prospective students & career changers, encourage them to enter the field, and provide the resources to help them do so. We’re proud of the site and the attention it has received thus far, however we are in the process of further developing it in order to provide the most helpful resource possible.

A formal degree program in data science is certainly an admirable way to enter the field. Although it will undoubtedly take some time and effort, having a legitimate degree will solidify your qualifications when hunting for your first job as a data scientist.


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