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DataCampI recently got an e-mail with the salutation “Hi Data Scientist.” Pretty smart e-mail marketing campaign because, lo-and-behold, I am a data scientist and I actually was interested in the e-mail! It was from a company called DataCamp which I learned later used to be DataMind. I knew them from their R-Fiddle tool for learning R online. Now they’re reaching out about their new free online courseware: Introduction to R, Data Analysis and Statistical Inference, and Introduction to Computational Finance and Financial Econometrics.

I have an interest in DataCamp’s statistical inference class since I am currently evaluating the same level of class for the new Data Science Specialization on Coursera through Johns Hopkins University. From what I’ve seen of the DataCamp version, it looks pretty good albeit a totally different style of teaching in that there are only slides to read and R examples to follow. Still, I think people need learning options so having a new educational player on the block is a good thing.

If you’re interested in building your own interactive course on DataCamp, they provide the technical tools to build these interactive courses yourself using R Markdown. DataCamp can be used as a complement to your book, university lectures, or company training.


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