StatAce for Cloud Statistics with R

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StatAce is a start-up in cloud based data science and statistical computing offering an online graphical R environment which allows you to quickly and easily analyze large data. It facilitates collaboration with others, tracks the changes to your R scripts, and can be accessed from any device. StatAce is a user-friendly statistical software-as-a-service (SaaS) that is built on the open-source software R. It aims to offer advanced analytics, great collaboration, massive scalability, seamless automation, and thorough auditing. The service offers a free access option as well as several paid options with expanded capabilities.

Bulgaria-based StatAce was the winner of betapitch | global, which was held in Berlin on July 6, 2013. The two-person team, driven by the lack of software for low, student budgets, came up with the idea of building “Google docs for professional statisticians” and eventually took home the first prize of the start-up competition.

Christian Mladenov and Veliko Minkov’s ambition was to create an online system, accessible from a web browser on any device, and which also runs in the cloud and offers good scalability. With StatAce, users can share data, statistical algorithms and results and they can collaborate in real time. Because it runs in the cloud, the prices for using the tool are going to be flexible compared to the those of traditional software models.

I came up with it while writing my thesis,” Mladenov said. “As a student I could not afford the expensive commercial statistical software and it was very difficult to gain access to a powerful enough PC to process large amounts of data. So I thought combining the power of the open-source R language, the cloud, and a browser would offer a unique solution to such a problem.”

Here is a video demonstrating the 0.1 beta release of StatAce:


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  1. Hi Daniel!

    Thanks for the mention, we are happy see StatAce here 🙂 I’ll be even happier if we can update the demonstration video in the next week. Would that be possible, can we write you some email with the new video link?

    Veliko and the StatAce team

  2. Jonesmus Mutua Wambua says

    Is statAce still available? I cannot find it online.