Station X Accelerates Pace of Genome Interpretation With Qubole

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HPC Life SciencesQubole, the big data-as-a-service company, announced that Station X, a leading developer of technologies that make large-scale human genome management and analysis easier, is using Presto on Qubole’s cloud-based big data platform to power GenePool™, a powerful software-as-a-service solution for real-time analytics of genomic and medical information.

GenePool from Station X allows researchers to manage, visualize and analyze processed genomic data from one to thousands of patients and then securely share the data and resulting knowledge with colleagues. GenePool also provides a convenient and dynamic way to store patient data from clinical trials for updated reporting and for research into the aggregated genomic information.

Our customers have varying needs: clinical researchers might use GenePool to examine genomic data from a single patient, while a major research institution might use the platform to perform analyses over 10,000 patients at once,” said Anish Kejariwal, Senior Director of Engineering at Station X. “Qubole has allowed us to meet the computational needs of our customers working at any scale and ensure that we always have the right amount of compute power for the job — greatly speeding up the time to insight for GenePool users.”

Qubole’s self-service platform for big data analytics runs on the three major public clouds: Amazon AWS, Google Compute Engine and Microsoft Azure. It is a fully managed big data offering that leverages the latest open source technologies, such as Presto, which Station X is using, as well as Apache Hadoop, Hive, Pig, Oozie, Sqoop and Spark. The only comprehensive cloud-based data analytics platform, Qubole comes complete with enterprise security features, an easy to use UI and built in data governance.

Station X has integrated Qubole with its GenePool platform to enable real-time cohort-scale genomic analysis using Presto and Hadoop. This integrated solution alleviates the need for GenePool customers to become experts in petabyte scale storage, compute clustering, machine learning and map reduce technologies.

Station X is enabling their customers to focus on improving how clinicians diagnosis and treat disease — they shouldn’t have to devote valuable capital and brainpower fiddling with technology to carry out their work,” said Ashish Thusoo, co-founder and CEO of Qubole. “With the combination of Qubole and GenePool, a research scientists and clinicians can focus on digging into and collaborating around the data to find those hidden patterns that can ultimately lead to life-saving discoveries. That’s the real power of big data in the cloud.”


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