Big Data: A New World for Opportunities

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The amount of available data has exploded in the past years because of new social behaviors, societal transformations as well as the vast spread of software systems. Big Data has become a very important driver for innovation and growth that relies on disruptive technologies such as Cloud Computing, Internet of Things and Analytics. Big Data is thus very important to foster productivity growth in Europe since it is affecting not only software-intensive industries but also public services, for example the health, administration and education sectors.

A challenge for Europe is to ensure that software and services providers are able to deliver high quality services along the lines of the fast growing number of services and users. Providers of Software and Services must be able to ensure the protection of their users’ data (in terms of availability and use) while at the same time allowing the use of the information to improve the quality of the services they deliver.

Users also want more personalised and more responsive applications without unsatisfied requests. The goal is to implement the vision of full-time availability of services and resources based on data everywhere for anyone, at all time. In this perspective, the flow of Big Data is a key enabler for the provision of resources anytime, anywhere, and the adaptation to demand.

Big Data software and services generate value by supporting an innovative eco-system and by enabling completely new solutions that have not been possible before. The value lies in the applications based on advanced data-analysis on top of more general Big Data layers, semantic abstractions or network and physical objects virtualization.

In this white paper, the European Technology Platform NESSI (Networked European Software and Services Initiative) seeks to contribute to the current European Big Data discourse, based on the expertise of its member community. NESSI offers a comprehensive view on technical, legal, social and market-related aspects of Big Data that have a direct impact on applications, services and software technologies practices. This paper addresses the challenges rising from the use of Big Data and how to overcome those in order to enable new technical and business opportunities for Europe’s software industry and economic sectors. The key points stressed in this paper seek to ensure that the necessary technical conditions and expertise of a skilled work force are available, together with the right business and policy environment in order for Europe to take advantage of these opportunities and regain its competitive position with respect to the rest of the world.

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