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Magnetic Swirling Patterns May Offer A New Solution To Data Storage

In this contributed article, technology writer and blogger Kayla Matthews examines a new and potentially game-changing data storage technology involving the use of skyrmions, quasiparticles which have been predicted theoretically and observed experimentally in condensed matter systems. Scientists feel confident about future applications of the skyrmion structure could be used as improvements for conventional data storage devices.

Hedvig Advances Private, Hybrid and Multi-cloud Storage with New Integrations, Security, and All-flash Capabilities

Hedvig, the company modernizing storage and accelerating enterprise adoption of private and hybrid clouds, announced the availability of the Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform version 3.0, a new release of its software-defined storage (SDS) platform. Innovations in 3.0 include end-to-end integrations, advanced security capabilities and enhancements to its comprehensive suite of caching technologies.

IBM Just Made a Huge Advancement in Media Technology

In this contributed article, technology writer and blogger Kayla Matthews takes a quick tour of big data storage technology offerings in light of the new announcement by IBM and Sony that just broke the world record for most gigabits per square inch on magnetic tape. The new record is 201 gigabits — 20 times more than what fits on current commercial tape drives.

Nimble Storage Achieves Six-nines Availability Powered by InfoSight Predictive Analytics

Nimble Storage (NYSE: NMBL), a leader in predictive flash storage, announced its Predictive Flash Platform achieves over six-nines (99.999928%) availability, a new standard for up-time in the infrastructure industry. This level of availability translates to an impact of fewer than 25 seconds annually, empowering IT staff to focus on business priorities instead of routine maintenance with an infrastructure that gets smarter every single day.

Huawei and Alluxio Jointly Release Big Data Storage Acceleration Solution

Huawei bands together with Alluxio to announce the release of their big data storage acceleration solution, integrating Huawei’s FusionStorage with Alluxio’s memory-speed virtual distributed storage system.

NooBaa Announces Frictionless Storage for Unstructured Data, Based on Innovative Orchestration Architecture

NooBaa, a software-defined-storage (SDS) company, announced the availability its frictionless storage solution. NooBaa software allows enterprises with storage capacity challenges to create a secure, high-performance storage solution across any compute resource available.

Big Data: A New World for Opportunities

In recent years, Big Data has become a major topic in the field of ICT. It is evident that Big Data means business opportunities, but also major research challenges. According to McKinsey & Co1 Big Data is “the next frontier for innovation, competition and productivity”. The impact of Big Data gives not only a huge potential for competition and growth for individual companies, but the right use of Big Data also can increase productivity, innovation, and competitiveness for entire sectors and economies.

Big Data: Beyond the Hype

This paper examines the growing prevalence of big data across nearly every industry; explains why being good at using and understanding big data is critical for firms that want to compete in their chosen market; and details how businesses can use DataStax Enterprise – a solution specifically designed to manage big data easily and effectively – to exploit the benefits derived from handling big data smartly.

Data Warehouses Ascend to the Cloud

Should the data warehouse be deployed on the cloud? IDC addresses this question on a regular basis. As adoption of cloud software increases, organizations of all sizes across industries and geographic regions are evaluating and assessing the opportunities and challenges of deploying software on the cloud. Data warehousing solutions are no exception to this trend.

Data Architecture in an Evolving Eco-system Topology

With today’s needs for complicated data architecture systems and the business’s need to make sure that their data is on the most economical platform, moving away from EDW to platforms like Hadoop can be more than daunting to an organization. This whitepaper walks you through how Teradata customers have used the services team to help them migrate to new platforms seamlessly and why it’s important to have a strategic partner like Teradata when taking on this data movement project.