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A 2014 Accenture study of 4,300 C-level executives found that over 89 percent of respondents said that big data was ”important” or ”very important” to
their organizations, with reasons for this operational importance cited as ”customer acquisition,” “identifying new revenue streams,” and ”customer retention.” 2

Although the same survey found nearly all participants agree that big data is a crucial tool for the development of their organizations, over a third (36 percent) conceded they had yet to implement a strategy for big data.

Big data is simply generic technology, the real value lies in applying the right tools to fully exploit it. As the amount and complexity of the data companies are collecting
on customers continues to increase, data management

is becoming an increasingly important issue. In fact, Exchangewire’s latest European Programmatic Survey found lack of an effective data management platform to be one of the biggest challenges to establishing an optimal company structure for programmatic trading. 3

Additionally, many companies are faced with legacy systems to deal with, as many will have data sources (such as TV audience data) that need to be incorporated with online display or search data. Larger advertisers and publishers are often working with systems that may be in competition with one another, with their platforms not necessarily integrated.

Media agency executives report that they spend up to 25 percent of their time compiling reports to manually align as many as five different reporting systems, which cannot integrate with one another.

There are also potential issues around global agreements. For instance, a company may have a global agreement with a tech provider that was negotiated in the US.
While this may work for a company in that particular territory, it may make management of their data in other territories difficult.

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