The Enterprise Lacks a Big Data Strategy for IoT Transformation

White Papers > IoT > The Enterprise Lacks a Big Data Strategy for IoT Transformation

Internet of Things (IoT) technology holds incredible promise for transforming the enterprise, but one of the biggest hurdles for companies  implementing IoT will be extracting insight from the incredible volumes of fast-moving data these systems produce and integrating that resulting  intelligence into business processes in real time.

An organization’s ability to manage big data—the level at which they’ve invested in and have implemented big data architectures and analytics—is  critically important to the realization of IoT value. “The ecosystem that you build to process big data is the same kind of ecosystem that you need when  you bring IoT on board,” explains Ashish Verma, managing director, analytics and information management with Deloitte Consulting.

However, most companies are taking a largely ad hoc approach to big data today, according to a September 2016 survey of 306 business leaders  conducted by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services. Nearly half of respondents said they pursue big data initiatives on a per-project basis, with just 18 percent saying they have an enterprise big data strategy and approach.


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