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Data Monetization: The Further Away Your Data, the More Distant Your Profits

In this contributed article, Steve Todd, a software engineer and inventor for Dell EMC, discusses the steps necessary to avoid crippling data taxation in order to further the journey to the Holy Grail of digital business. He also outlines how the use of open-source and vendor-neutral data management technologies reduce taxes, keep IoT data local and maximize its value.

Arcadia Data Breaks the Geospatial Analyses Barrier for IoT and Big Data

Arcadia Data, provider of the visual analytics software native to Apache™ Hadoop® and the cloud, today announced it has integrated the Mapbox GL vector mapping technology, enabling more granular visual geospatial analytics on data of a global scale, necessary for use cases such as IoT analytics, climate analysis, disease tracking, and car and fleet tracking. The integration delivers the power of advanced geospatial analytics capabilities in an easy-to-use, fully-featured business intelligence (BI) platform architected for data lakes and for all users.

Medical Device Security: Ensuring Data Integrity

In this contributed article, technology writer and blogger Kayla Matthews suggests that one of the best ways to make healthcare smarter, more accurate and more engaging is by gathering data on a huge scale and then using it to gather insights into individual patient conditions as well as the effectiveness of treatments over a much broader scale.

Sisense Hunch Turns IoT Devices Into Supercomputers

Sisense, disrupting the BI market by simplifying business analytics for complex data, announced the launch of the patent-pending Sisense Hunch Data Cognition Engine (“Sisense Hunch”) from Sisense Labs. Sisense Hunch ‘learns’ massive data sets and can produce microsecond analytical responses to queries that are 99 percent accurate or better, with a tiny fraction of the cost and storage footprint.

Terbine Launches Blockchain-enabled IoT Data Exchange To Accelerate Information Sharing and Monetization

Terbine announced the IoT Data Exchange, designed to radically increase the rate of adoption for sharing of machine-generated data between companies, public agencies and academic institutions.

The Open Edge Architecture Imperative

In this contributed article, Roman Shapshnik, Co-Founder and VP of Product & Strategy at ZEDEDA, outlines the path forward for edge computing—where regardless of hardware, developers can create applications to run uniformly on the edge. Constricting the architecture to keep control only works in the short term.

IoT Feeds Data Stream to AI Application Converge for Real-time, Sideline Insights

In this contributed article, Jason Mann, Vice President of Internet of Things (IoT) at SAS, discusses how IoT creates enormous streaming data volumes, much of it unused or lost. Data lost is opportunity missed. The key to unlocking the value of IoT data is with AI applications that self-learn and automate actions. AI applications – created with analytics and using real-time IoT data – can reveal new business opportunities long before the competition wakes up.

Living On the Edge: Extracting Ultimate Value from Your IoT Data

In this contributed article, Jerry Baulier, Vice President of IOT R&D at SAS describes IoT and streaming analytics and the potential lifesaving benefits from that real-time data. Streaming data allows you to assemble meaning from IoT data when you need it, both in real time and historically to identify trends in cross-sensor analysis. By processing data on the edge, organizations, individuals and communities are benefiting from the insights offered by real-time data.

Setting the Stage for the IoT Revolution: How Businesses Can Improve Their Data Strategies Before It’s Too Late

In this contributed article, Paul Silevitch, VP of Engineering at SiteSpect, discusses how to effectively prepare for the imminent IoT revolution, where executive teams across organizations — from IT to marketing — must hone their current data analysis processes. Here’s how businesses can get smarter about their data strategies and make the best use of the information at their fingertips.

IoT: Should You Invest?

In this contributed article, Josh Althauser, an entrepreneur with a background in design and M&A, analyzes and investigates IoT and explains why you should invest in this burgeoning technology that is already leaving its mark. Whether you are on the fence about IoT or not, it is undeniably a good investment with completely unstoppable growth potential and the ability to impact every industry in the world.