How To Scale Business Intelligence With Hadoop- Based Platforms

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Analyzing big data poses multiple challenges. Highly parallel distributed data architecture is one solution, but until recently it has been mostly limited to databases, not business intelligence (BI) application servers. In this report, application development and delivery (AD&D) pros working on BI initiatives will learn about the capabilities of distributed BI platforms mostly based on Hadoop.

Key Takeaways

Give BI A Hadoop Shot In The Arm For Big Data Scalability

Cloud, in-memory, server clusters, and columnar databases all take BI a few steps closer to big data scalability. Take the next leap, and scale out both BI applications and data based on the popular open source Hadoop platform.

Take A Peek Under The Native BI Hadoop Cover Before You Commit

Hadoop is a highly evolving but convoluted ecosystem of interconnecting and often overlapping technologies. Hence, Forrester recommends that  AD&D pros working on BI initiatives clearly understand all of the components of a Hadoop-based BI platform.



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