The State of AI and Machine Learning

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In the 7th edition of its annual State of AI report, Appen continues to explore the strategies  employed by companies large and small in successfully deploying AI. The reports surveys business  leaders and technical practitioners ( referred to as technologists) alike to understand  their priorities, their successes, and their bottlenecks when it comes to implementing AI.  Collectively, their answers enabled the company to paint a picture of how the AI industry continues to  evolve in a world that is more virtual, more tech-savvy, and more globalized than ever.

The AI industry is growing and we’re seeing expanding budgets fueling this growth. AI  initiatives continue to scale as we’re seeing a shift in priorities to more organizations viewing  deployment of practical AI as a core strategy and moving away from mere experimentation.  This year, Appewn investigated the usage of external data providers, examining how this growing  trend impacts the delivery of AI. We discovered that partnering with an external data provider makes a significant difference in the successes of AI initiatives.

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