PSC to Build Data Exacell, a Next-Gen System for Integrated Data Storage and Analytics

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PSC logoToday the National Science Foundation announced a grant to Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center (PSC) to develop a prototype Data Exacell (DXC), a next-generation system for storing, handling and analyzing vast amounts of data. The $7.6-million, four-year grant will allow PSC to architect, build, test and refine DXC in collaboration with selected scientific research projects that face unique challenges in working with and analyzing “Big Data.”

What’s needed is a distributed, integrated system that allows researchers to collaboratively analyze cross-domain data without the performance roadblocks that are typically associated with Big Data,” says Nick Nystrom, director of strategic applications at PSC. “One result of this effort will be a robust, multifunctional system for Big Data analytics that will be ready for expansion into a large, production system.”

The core of the Data Exacell will be SLASH2, PSC’s production software for managing and moving Big Data. It is currently represented by the Data Supercell (DSC), a 4-petabyte, disk-based, production storage system that combines archival-quality storage with access times comparable to data stored on a user’s own computer and able to support remote access. Data Exacell will incorporate updated, DSC-type storage and high-performance analysis resources, both existing and new.

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