Data Sciencie 101: Python for Data Science

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For readers who enjoyed the post from Dec. 9 “Data Science Wars: Python vs. R,” you might be bubbling up with curiosity about how Python can solve your data science needs. In the video below, Field Cady of Think Big Analytics presents a compelling introduction to using the Python programming language for data science applications.

The Python language combines approachable syntax, robust libraries, and computational chops into one of the most popular languages today. This instructional video provides practical tips for how to leverage Python in your data science projects. Mostly this will be specific code tricks and libraries to use, but will also discuss some more general principles (tradeoffs to make, code architecture, etc). To show you how the language plays out “in the wild,” Field will also do a walk-through of a complete data science project.

This talk is geared toward people who have at least a “hello world” familiarity with Python, but who aren’t familiar with it’s more advanced tools.

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