Sand Hill 50 for Big Data

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Big-Data-fundingAs 2014 enters like a lion in terms of Big Data opportunities, it is useful to survey the landscape to get a profile for the movers and shakers in our industry. Here is a strategic list of big data players compiled by the Sand Hill Group (coincidentally not located on Silicon Valley’s San Hill Road, the epicenter of VC funding) based on a simplistic set of criteria summarized in five words:

1. Story

2. Ecosystem

3. Insight

4. Cross-industry

5. Influence

Business value was a basic requirement, but did not include the so-called “MISO” (Microsoft, IBM, SAP, Oracle) and equivalent large players such as Cisco, HP and EMC because they run multifaceted businesses. The Sand Hill 50 represents a unique set of players of all shapes, sizes and hues that stood out of the crowd. Here is the LIST in alphabetical order. Do you have any other candidates you feel should be on the list? If so, please let us know and post it below.


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