Trifacta Launches Data Transformation Platform to Clear Data Analysis Bottleneck

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Data transformation platform provider Trifacta today announced the general availability of the Trifacta Data Transformation Platform. Using visualization, machine learning methods and a unique Predictive Interaction™ technology, Trifacta’s platform removes a critical bottleneck in the Big Data stack – turning raw data into a usable form. Watch the video below to see Trifacta’s Data Transformation platform in action:

Currently, data scientists, IT programmers, and business analysts must work through the time-consuming challenge of transforming raw data into workable inputs for their analytic tools. Data scientists spend as much as 60 to 80 percent of their time in the “data munging” task rather than focusing on finding insights. This bottleneck is hindering the ability of enterprises to extract value from data. By the end of 2015, Gartner estimates 85 percent of Fortune 500 companies will not be able to exploit Big Data’s advantages. The Trifacta Transformation Platform clears the bottleneck by creating an efficient data pipeline and allowing analysts to work much more productively and with greater agility.

Trifacta’s Data Transformation Platform is helping to greatly streamline the process of preparing data. Work that would have taken six weeks, now can take as little as a day,” said Ravi Hubbly, senior principal architect at Trifacta customer Lockheed Martin. “My team has been able to both shorten the data lifecycle and get a better view of the data.”

Trifacta’s Data Transformation Platform uses Predictive Interaction™ technology to elevate data manipulation into a visual experience, allowing users to quickly and easily identify features of interest or concern. As analysts highlight visual features, Trifacta’s predictive algorithms observe both user behavior and properties of the data to anticipate the user’s intent and make suggestions without the need for user specification. As a result, data transformation becomes a lightweight experience that is far more agile and efficient than traditional coding or manual manipulation.

With Trifacta, the time needed to be able to wrap your mind around the data is surprisingly low. The platform proactively notifies me that there is value in my data set that I might not have seen. The result is a very smooth workflow,” said a representative from Accretive Health, another Trifacta customer.

Trifacta has raised a total of $16.3 million in funding in a Series A led by Accel Partners and a Series B led by Greylock Partners and Accel Partners. Computer science professors, Joe Hellerstein of the University of California Berkeley and Jeffrey Heer of the University of Washington, and Stanford University Ph.D. Sean Kandel developed the Trifacta Transformation Platform to focus on the human element of the data stack.

We have seen exponential progress in data technologies, from sensing to storage to analysis, but the human element has long been overlooked. In the Big Data era, this problem has gone critical. People have become the chief bottleneck in the field—both organizationally and technically,” said Joe Hellerstein, CEO of Trifacta. “To clear the bottleneck, we embedded recent advances in machine learning and data visualization into a user experience. The result is Predictive Interaction and a platform that maximizes the benefits of human and machine intelligence.”


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