Certona Predicts Consumer Behavior with Patented Technology

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certonaCertona, a leading provider of real-time omnichannel personalization for the many of the largest brands and retailers, today announced that the United States (US) Patent Office has issued the company a patent for representing and predicting human behavior. Centered on the technology upon which the patent was based, Certona’s platform has the unique ability to profile and predict behavior within three to five clicks across all e-commerce traffic, including the largest untapped segments of new and anonymous traffic, which is estimated to be over 50 percent of e-commerce site traffic. This insight lets brands and retailers better personalize user experience to drive ROI. Certona’s technology does not require brands to collect any personally identifiable information, thus protecting consumer privacy.

In the ever-competitive e-commerce marketplace, brands need to build a digital relationship with their customers. Our new patent makes us the first to provide digital retailers with the power to profile new and anonymous web traffic in just a few clicks – non-intrusively – enabling them to create a personalized experience during a customer’s first visit,” said Dr. Geoffrey Hueter, Certona CTO and co-founder. “This automatic and continuous learning about their web, mobile and in-store visitors enables retailers to predict behavior so they can anticipate consumer interests and deliver a 1:1 individualized experience.”

US Patent 8566256, “Universal system and method for representing and predicting human behavior,” covers key components of Certona’s Resonance® personalization and experience management platform such as individual profiling, continuous learning and self-optimization. Resonance allows businesses to bring together their customers’ contextual experiences and behavioral data to generate a positive and relevant response for each visitor. The platform also collects explicit and implicit object ratings and creates deep customer profiles that enable the real-time prediction and delivery of personalized digital assets, including product recommendations, content and offers.

Using Certona’s technology, retailers post significant gains over their competitors. Over the five-day 2013 shopping holiday from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday, clients increased online sales by 27 percent, or 80 percent higher than the industry average of 17 percent (ComScore). During the entire year, the more than 550 brands and retailers using Certona’s personalization technology increased sales 21 percent from 2012 to 2013, and outperformed the industry average by 24 percent, or 21 percent versus 17 percent (US Census). The issuance of this patent, with 10 others pending, strengthens Certona’s technology leadership in digital retail and omnichannel personalization.


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