DataSong Relies on MapR Technologies

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MapR Logo - New 2014MapR Technologies, Inc., provider of top-ranked distribution for Apache Hadoop,  today announced that DataSong,  a company specializing in customer insights for modern marketers, has selected the MapR Distribution for Hadoop for its central data hub which provides marketing effectiveness solutions to leading omni-channel retailers, including Williams-Sonoma and Neiman Marcus.

MapR is our data store for everything,” said John Wallace, CEO of DataSong. “It’s our data processing and analytical engine, the main file system, the utility, the hub of everything for our business.”

DataSong is focused on helping marketers determine the most cost-effective marketing tactics and channels by analyzing user-specific data, such as web logs, core metrics, email provider logs and financial transactions. Because traditional technology cannot easily scale to support this level of accuracy and data analytic complexity, DataSong turned to Hadoop for its increased efficiency, scale, analytic flexibility and performance. After evaluating several Hadoop alternatives, DataSong now uses MapR to share and access its highly granular data for analysis at anytime for its clients.

Major benefits of the MapR solution include its ease of use and how it unlocks the power of Hadoop across an organization. Unlike alternative offerings, the MapR solution offers enterprise-grade features such as NFS support to streamline data access.

NFS reduces friction in the organization,” added Wallace. “Being able to have our people be self-sufficient and get the data where it needs it to be, instead of spending hours of training on special Hadoop data connectors, makes life a lot easier for everyone.”

From an administration standpoint, MapR also delivers great cost efficiency.

Whether managing an installation, ongoing maintenance or performance tuning, MapR is very easy to manage and keep it going,” Wallace said. “I do not have to spend time managing or training on technology, so I can spend my time focused on our customers.”

Retailers use DataSong’s comprehensive tools to measure revenue attribution, plan, and execute marketing more effectively, thereby growing revenue and improving marketing ROI,” said Jack Norris, chief marketing officer, MapR Technologies. “The enterprise-grade features, as well as both analytical and operational flexibility in our MapR Distribution prove to be a significant value add for companies that want to quickly realize the full advantages of Hadoop.”


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