Content Raven Launches “Marketing Raven”

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Content-Raven_logo Content Raven, a leading cloud-based file distribution toolkit that adds content control, security and deep analytics to files, has announced the addition of Marketing Raven™ to its suite of products. The next-generation marketing analytics tool enables marketing and sales professionals to improve content marketing, lead nurturing and revenue opportunities by providing in-depth tracking data and real-time alerts on engagement activity.

As the marketing industry transitions to an inbound style of communication, enterprises are missing out on potential Return on Investment (ROI) because of lack of visibility over content. Marketing Raven adds tracking and analytics to all common file types to determine how recipients engaged with a document, how many times they viewed it, on what device, and more – providing valuable insight to further customize and improve campaigns. In addition, Marketing Raven sends real-time alerts to sales and business development professionals when a prospect is interacting with piece of content, enabling them to reach out when the lead is most engaged and move them to the next step in the lead nurturing process.

As enterprises look to streamline and refine their customer and sales lifecycles, improved analytics data is key to customizing marketing campaigns for the right prospects,” said Garrett Bekker, senior analyst at 451 Research. “Next-generation digital marketing technology is driving this shift and enabling closer integration between marketing and sales in order to drive more revenue.”

Marketing automation platforms by themselves typically limit analytics information to the number of opens for an email blast, or the number of times collateral was viewed or downloaded on a landing page. Marketing Raven provides a deeper layer of tracking and engagement activity by offering plug-in APIs to integrate with top platforms such as Hubspot, WordPress and Salesforce.

With Marketing Raven, users can:

  • Track when prospects are viewing a piece of collateral and alert sales teams in real-time to reach out.
  • Increase conversion rates to next step in sales funnel by providing personalized content and reaching out when a lead is most engaged.
  • Leverage engagement analytics to fine-tune marketing messaging mid-campaign, improve future campaigns, personalize content, and close sales more effectively.
  • Track when a piece of collateral is shared or forwarded, creating new leads for sales teams to contact.
  • Add tracking and analytics to all common file types, including documents, video and audio, e-books and whitepapers, HTML files, and more.

We are excited to launch Marketing Raven as a way to help marketers and salespeople better analyze and enhance their marketing campaigns and sales cycles,” said Ronald Matros, CEO, Content Raven. “Data-driven marketing is quickly becoming the norm in the marketing industry and this new product allows us to tackle the biggest issues faced by enterprises today as they look to improve their sales cycle and gain insight into how their customers and prospects are consuming their content.”

Below is a video demo of Marketing Raven:


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