Datafiniti Launches New Solution to the Real Estate Market by Providing Instant Access to Web Data

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datafiniti-logo-2015-5Datafiniti announced the availability of Datafiniti Property Data, which will be the first solution of its kind for the real estate market and rental market in the sharing economy. The Datafiniti Property Data is based on the company’s proprietary technology, which will allow the cleanest, most comprehensive, up-to-date web data such as rental prices and rental inventory in the Sharing economy, values of property investments and overall real-estate market trends to be instantly accessible to businesses in this market

The sharing economy’s rental markets, the real estate markets or the accommodation markets are constantly in flux and heavily reliant on the latest data and trend analyses,” said Shion Deysarkar, founder and CEO, Datafiniti.  “To ensure a sustained competitive advantage, companies in  these markets need to leverage the latest web data alongside their existing business intelligence tools. Datafiniti Property Data provides these markets with the most up-to-date information available to help make critical business decisions.”

Datafiniti’s initial focus is on the sharing economy’s rental markets and the vacation rental market data as the travel and tourism industries rely heavily on the current information and trends.  Every enterprise in these dynamic markets should have instant access to the most up-to-date web data and be able to make sound business decisions for a true competitive advantage.

At launch Datafiniti Property Data will have over 1 Million listings, and will cover the entire market of about 10 Million online listings by Q4, 2015.  Datafiniti Property Data will be the first to provide up-to-date data listings on all online properties whether rental or for sale to ensure companies and governmental agencies are able to keep track of what’s happening in their regions.

Datafiniti’s Property Data drives our business.” said Dean Friedland, “And they turned out to be the only company who could provide clean web data almost instantly.”

Datafiniti currently offers two other products, Datafiniti Product Data and Datafiniti Business Data, that businesses can leverage to get instant access to the cleanest, freshest and most relevant data they need. The company’s cloud-based architecture enables its customers to have easy access to the latest information. These products from Datafiniti help improve key business applications, including Marketing, Pricing, Sales and Lead Generation, Competitive and Business Analysis, Branding, Retail Businesses, Market Research and Customer Service.

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