Paxata Launches Paxata Connect – A Next Generation Business Information Platform

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paxataPaxata announced the availability of Paxata Connect as part of the next major release of the company’s award winning data preparation platform. Following the enterprise grade innovations for mixed workloads and open persistence architecture delivered in the Fall 2015 version, this release extends the platform with a connectivity framework that creates a nexus to acquire, shape, and publish meaningful data for faster time to value. With Connect, information architects and developers can take advantage of out-of-the-box connectors, build their own repeatable data services and pipelines, and maintain transparency and oversight to ensure data provides a greater and faster return.

Today, analysts frequently need to source, discover, add and discard data as they iterate and optimize their insights. According to Forrester, “organizations typically source six data sources when performing analytics, with leading analytics programs sourcing on average eight,” explains Brendan Purcell, Senior Analyst at Forrester Research. “Further, 74% of analytics and measurement professionals apply test and control techniques.”

Research has also shown that “business terminology and business rules have become more dynamic and fast-changing, requiring more frequent engagement between business and technology management stakeholders,” according to Noel Yuhanna, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research. “Enterprises are demanding self-service data preparation solutions to empower business users to directly engage with big data platforms, reducing the involvement of technology.”

Paxata Connect provides analysts, data engineers and partner developers:

  • Pre-built certified connectors – Big data, cloud, and application connectors are available to get started immediately
  • Easy to develop – Provides a non-technical way to gather and publish data and harness machine learning to assist in automated integration, data linking and semantic typing
  • Reach – Ubiquitous, data source agonistic connectivity across on-prem, cloud, traditional, big data and local sources including read/write support for Oracle, DB2, Netezza, MS SQL Server, Teradata, SFTP and Amazon S3
  • Powerful – Business self-service with “first eyes on data” across any source for faster time to value
  • Extensible – Open platform to meet current and future connectivity needs without vendor lock-in
  • Economical – Easy to build, upgrade, maintain and extend connectivity
  • Transform Partner Program – Certification of partner developers to build custom connectors

The vision of Paxata was to always go beyond data preparation and provide a business information platform where data is prepared by the business and can scale to support the enterprise business data demands,” said Prakash Nanduri, CEO and Co-Founder at Paxata. “Paxata Connect provides the necessary extensible backbone to develop and utilize data source connectors, introduce custom data preparation algorithms, and reuse existing data preparation scripts. Now, the work of business analysts shaping data becomes part of the enterprise information fabric contributing to a network of meaningful information to be used to drive business outcomes.”

The Paxata Fall ’16 release also provides additional enterprise data preparation platform capabilities including:

  • New column management capabilities for wide data set support
  • Project cloning allowing for re-usable step templates
  • Comprehensive auditing and logging to understand detailed system usage, diagnose issues, and control leakage of sensitive information
  • Pluggable credential encryption service for all passwords at rest
  • Significant enhancements to administration console: customers can now do tenant/user/group guardrails administration from the UI in order to set restrictions on file size, task limits, and number of automation jobs per day/week/month


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