Advanced Analytics: Moving Toward AI, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing

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There is a lot of excitement in the market about artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and natural language processing (NLP). Although many of these technologies have been available for decades, new advancements in compute power along with new algorithmic developments are making these technologies more attractive to early adopter companies. These organizations are embracing advanced analytics technologies for a number of reasons including improving operational efficiencies, better understanding behaviors, and gaining competitive advantage.

Overall, one thing is clear—organizations that are utilizing these technologies now are gaining value. Organizations are also seeing value as they move through the analytics success cycle.

This TDWI Best Practices Report examines organizations’ experiences with and plans for machine learning, NLP, and AI, including technology plans as well as organizational strategies. It also looks at various advanced analytics challenges and how organizations are overcoming them. It examines the importance of new open source models and automated intelligence. Finally, it offers recommendations and best practices for successfully implementing more advanced analytics such as machine learning and AI in the organization.

Download the new TDWI Best Practices Report, courtesy of SAS, to learn more about the latest innovations in advanced analytics.

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