Balancing MLOps Innovation with Tough Security Standards

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As AI adoption has grown, so too have concerns about data protection and infrastructure security across the MLOps lifecycle. At GTS Data Processing, a rapidly growing German IT company, security is top of mind as they deliver Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Software-as-a-Service platforms to companies across Europe. GTS' DSready Cloud offering, powered by Domino® and hosted in Germany, brings together the tools, technologies, compute, and collaboration capabilities its clients need to deliver and manage data science capabilities at scale—all within a GDPR-compliant environment that supports Germany’s stringent security standards.

By embedding Domino within its ecosystem, GTS can offer its customers a full suite of capabilities to accelerate data science research, boost collaboration, and speed deployment so they increase model velocity and achieve impact and scale faster. For example, using Domino, GTS enables its clients to rapidly provision compute resources as they develop models, more easily reproduce, reuse, and share work, and deploy models in a fraction of the time, in some cases within minutes.

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