SpotIQ AI-Driven Analytics: Architecting Automated Insights for the Masses

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SpotIQ AI-Driven Analytics

There is a lot of excitement and buzz in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning these days. In fact, the promise of AI has fascinated humans for a long time. And today, we are regularly celebrating the many advances in AI, particularly in the field of machine learning. AI is no longer relegated to pure science fiction, as often depicted by many Hollywood films. AI has become as ubiquitous as the enormous amounts of data that feeds its underlying calculations and machine learning algorithms. Combined with the support of seemingly boundless amount of compute power, there’s broad applicability in many consumer services and enterprise products today. That's where SpotIQ AI-driven analytics come in.

SpotIQ AI-driven analytics automatically uncover answers to questions business people may not have known to ask. Powering SpotIQ is a new breed of analytics architecture and in-memory calculation engine that was built from the ground up for speed at scale on billions of rows of data across multiple data sources — all while delivering sub-second performance and enterprise-wide governance. Working hand-in-hand with Relational Search, it learns what’s most important based on usage behavior, spots hidden trends and patterns in the data, and delivers trusted and personalized insights to any business person.

Download the new white paper, courtesy of ThoughtSpot, that explores how with SpotIQ AI-drive analytics, you now have the power of a thousand analysts in your hand.

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