Unified Analytics for Dummies: Accelerate AI Innovation

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Data is at the core of how modern enterprises are unlocking the potential of AI to change their business. The challenge most enterprises face is how to succeed with both their data and AI. How can the gap between managing the data (data engineering) and developing and managing the algorithms (data science) be bridged, and what impact can that have on an organization’s ability to succeed with AI? That is the major question addressed in this e-book.

In this book, you not only discover how to avoid and overcome the most common challenges impacting AI success, but a new concept is also introduced. Unified Analytics is a concept that brings together solutions that unify data science and data engineering, making AI much more achievable for enterprise organizations and enabling them to accelerate their AI initiatives.

This short e-book from Databricks is packed with useful information about how to accelerate AI initiatives. The first chapter outlines the major challenges enterprises face when investing in AI. The following three chapters focus on explaining how to tackle or avoid these challenges through the concept of Unified Analytics and give examples on how this has been addressed in different companies using a Unified Analytics approach. The last and final chapter offers information on what’s available as well as some useful tips on how to get started.

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