Deloitte Launches New CXO Guidebook for Big Data

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Delloite-AnalyticsDeloitte recently completed a new study designed to improve Big Data’s strategic role in the Corner Office. It provides a good lens toward better strategic and holistic use of the work being done by the data scientists. The result of the study is the new CXO “guidebook” designed to help leadership get their arms around Big Data.

Over the past several months – and thousands of strategy sessions with their CXO clients – Deloitte consultants have been able to ferret out a precise set of “Crunchy Questions” which, when asked, would serve as a formula for each member of leadership to take action with analytics. For example, there are eight questions for the CEO, dealing with business strategy, customers, products and internal operations. The CFO, on the other hand, has 17 questions to consider.

This appealing and timely topic was managed by John Lucker, Deloitte’s analytics lead. The guidebook is valuable in conveying the findings, methodology and the areas where analytics can foster better knowledge-sharing among corporate functions. The firm calls these the “Analytics Connections.”


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