GridGain Adds New Level of Security to In-Memory Computing Platform

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GridGain™ Systems, provider of the leading open source In-Memory Computing (IMC) Platform, announced that it has enhanced the security features on the latest version of its Enterprise Edition product to enable full visibility into all data access points across its platform, and now offers security audit, advanced authentication and fine grained authorization. These capabilities help organizations to pinpoint, track and control exactly who is accessing their data, enabling SOX compliance and achieving the high level of security required by financial services, government, healthcare and other security-conscious industries.

The financial services industry is unique in that it has some of the most exacting requirements for data security, while also demanding a much higher level of computing power than most sectors,” said Nikita Ivanov, GridGain’s CTO and Co-Founder.  “Previously, these requirements had been at odds with each other — you couldn’t leverage IMC and achieve the same degree of security afforded by traditional, less performant computing methods.”

Enterprise-Ready In-Memory Computing

Available immediately with the latest version of the GridGain In-Memory Computing Platform Enterprise Edition, these security features are part of GridGain’s ongoing mission to bring the full, unmitigated benefits of IMC to the enterprise, even in the most regulated sectors. GridGain has deployed these features at one of the world’s largest financial institutions, enabling it to meet SOX and other stringent compliance demands while accessing computing power magnitudes greater than standard processing.

Organizations with extremely high computing demands leverage IMC to achieve processing that is often hundreds of times more powerful than what can be achieved with traditional computing architectures,” said Ivanov. “Our latest features enable our clients to fully enjoy the superior performance of IMC, while at the same time providing the highest levels of data protection in the most sensitive environments.”

The new features will allow complete tracking of data, including:

  • Ability to establish fine grained authorization for complete control over who accesses your data
  • Full visibility and audit of data interaction — who is accessing your data, what data they are accessing and when they are accessing it

GridGain’s latest In-Memory Computing Platform Enterprise Edition is available immediately at


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