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Big Data for Manufacturing Case Study: Omneo

This article is the fifth and last in an editorial series with a goal to provide strategic direction for enterprise thought leaders in the manufacturing sector for ways of leveraging the big data technology stack in support of analytics proficiencies designed to work more independently and effectively in today’s climate of striving to increase the value of corporate data assets.

In the last article, we took a look at the ways manufacturers can adopt the big data technology stack. The complete insideBIGDATA Guide to Manufacturing is available for download from the insideBIGDATA White Paper Library.

insideBIGDATA_Guide_MfgBig Data for Manufacturing Case Study: Omneo

Omneo is a division of global enterprise manufacturing software firm Camstar Systems, now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Siemens.

For a compelling example that illustrates how big data is affecting the manufacturing sector, we can consider Omneo, a provider of supply chain management software for manufacturing companies. The business need was to enable global manufacturers to efficiently manage product quality/performance and customer experience. Consequently, Omneo needed to collect, manage, search and analyze vast amounts of diverse data types, and it sought the right software and hardware infrastructure to support this effort. The organization worked with Dell and Cloudera to build a software solution on top of the Cloudera® of Distribution Hadoop® (CDH) platform running on a cluster of Dell PowerEdge C8220 servers with Intel® Xeon® processors, giving customers total product data visibility throughout their entire supply chain.


The benefits that the Omneo solution offers to manufacturers are:

  • Enables global-brand owners to manage product performance and customer experience
  • Delivers a 360-degree view of supply chain data
  • Searches billions of data records in less than three seconds
  • Scales to support 300 million records every month
  • Allows customers to quickly search, analyze and mine all their data in a single place so that they can identify and resolve emerging supply chain issues
  • Helps manufacturers and suppliers
  • Searches billions of data records in less than three seconds
  • Scales to support 300 million records every month
  • Saves millions of dollars and boosts productivity
  • Improves product quality, performance, customer experience and compliance

We are able to help customers search billions of records in seconds with the Dell infrastructure and support, Cloudera’s Hadoop solution, and our knowledge of supply chain and quality issues,” says Karim Lokas, senior vice president of marketing and product strategy for Omneo, a division of the global enterprise manufacturing software firm Camstar Systems, now a wholly owned subsidiary of Siemens. “With the visibility provided by this solution, manufacturers can put out more consistent, better products and have less suspect product go out the door.”

If you prefer, the complete insideBIGDATA Guide to Manufacturing is available for download in PDF from the insideBIGDATA White Paper Library, courtesy of Dell and Intel.


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