Truenumbers Provides Structure and Context to Data for the Enterprise

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Truenum_logoTruenumbers launched the enterprise version of its technology. A 2014 Gartner Cool Vendor, Truenumbers makes numbers traceable and reliable as they move through an enterprise workflow – from spreadsheets to emails, and more – enhancing employees’ workflow efficiencies and minimizing compliance risks. Large organizations, such as US Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) and a Fortune 500 biotech company, have already integrated the system to manage their mission-critical data.

Spreadsheets are the default solution for a variety of functions in the enterprise. This creates challenges as the underlying data is perpetually under development and completion often requires collaboration. As Blue Hill Research recently noted, spreadsheets are inherently limiting because they require manual verification and are too decentralized for reliable data storage. Truenumbers solves these intrinsic problems with spreadsheets and other collaboration tools by centralizing the numbers and providing context. This information, along with any tags needed to understand, trace and manage numbers, is instantly saved to the cloud – instead of being saved repeatedly in spreadsheets, which puts information at risk for being lost or inconsistent.

Truenumbers technology is delivered as a private SaaS platform, and enables end users to create, store, convert, calculate, tag and search numbers without disrupting their desktop workflow. For financial and engineering data this is a critical capability for avoiding compliance issues and errors. It also streamlines the time it takes to validate data used in spreadsheets, and achieve compliance, increasing enterprise productivity.

Enterprise data and analytics solutions so often make assumptions concerning the implicit meaning of important data points,” said Brad Shimmin, Service Director for Business Technology and Software at Current Analysis. “It is refreshing to see a vendor such as Truenumbers bring context to data where it resides and with that explicit meaning and trust. Those are precious commodities not just for numbers in a spreadsheet, but for unstructured data as well.”

These benefits are applicable to any area in an enterprise where creative people are thinking, planning, and working with evolving or updateable information. By integrating Truenumbers, enterprises can virtually eliminate the existence of unverified data, and allow end users to turn risky spreadsheets into reliable system of record with traceability and auditability better than any database system. Truenumbers also lowers overall IT costs by replacing other expensive applications expected to provide this capability.

As the big data paradigm continues to evolve, one of the biggest challenges in the enterprise is learning how to understand it so people can leverage the concepts in their everyday work,” said Allen Razdow, creator of Truenumbers. “The goal of Truenumbers is to give enterprises a practical, easy-to-use method to leveraging today’s different approaches to information with zero risk of failure. Early adopters like NAVAIR provide validation that Truenumbers’ can realize the promise of big data for enterprises.

The software is easily deployed and accessible from within a wide range of collaboration tools, including Microsoft programs, legacy systems, and data through its Java API, and a .NET development kit. To learn more, visit


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